Spring into new beginnings

We are finally in March and spring is just around the corner. I can feel it coming, but the chill in the air reminds me to be patient. We are not quite there yet. Winter has been long and cold and persistent. Even today, flurries are still floating in the air. As someone who just moved from the sunny weather of Florida, this has been a drawn-out season for me. I am anxious and excited to feel it warm up, and those few warm sunny days that have come are teasing me. I am ready! I have found that in my life, I am also waiting for spring. Winter is taking too long, and the wait has been a process. I am waiting and ready for my spring that brings my new beginnings.

The Conversation Boutique is a new merger and partnership for me, and I am truly excited to be a part of it. As a new creation, my partner and I are changing a few things to truly create a company that is in line with our long-term vision. During the transition, we have been in the winter of creation. We have previously planted seeds, sown our ideas, and are now waiting on spring for these seeds to sprout. "Patience" and "Trust" have been our mantras. This week, I have never been surer that we are on the right path.

Growing up in a small town in the country, I love nature. I love space and trees and land. I have recently moved home and have had the privilege to again be back on the land I grew up on. Over the last few days, I have walked this property and really felt the cold ground, have heard the crunch of the dormant grass, and have seen all the fallen branches. I have physical evidence of winter all around me. However, I know when spring comes there will be renewal on this land. The grass will be vibrantly green; the trees will sprout new leaves; and animals will come around again. I can feel it in the air. The land is ready.

However, in life, we forget that there are also seasons. We have periods of growth, periods of death, periods of hibernation, and periods of rebirth. We take actions and want to see results, RIGHT NOW! We expect things to move at our pace—no matter what. We get impatient instead of letting things gestate. We may even dig up the seeds, so to speak, to check and see if they are growing. Our immediate need for results cause us so much suffering. This suffering, the process of birth-rebirth, is an area where I have really learned to let go, be patient, and trust.

As a coach and a business owner, I have had many ups and downs over my career; great months and slow months; successes and failures; and always, I continue. In the beginning, it was constantly a struggle to deal with the winter season. I would criticize myself for not working harder, feel like there was something wrong with me, and try to work even harder. It was always a self-blaming, self-detrimental time for me. I could never step back and see it for the timing that it was—a winter season. For anyone who hasn’t had that kind of conversation in their life, “work harder” leads to complete burn out in some form. It could be complete exhaustion, mental breakdown, physical sickness, or some explosion. It is not good for the body or soul. It also does not promote new growth or beginnings. It strangles and kills all hope.

Through this process, I have learned patience. I have learned self-love. I have learned cycles. And I have also really learned to trust the seasons of my life. I trust those cycles now. Spring brings new beginnings, and my new beginnings are right around the corner just like the land I was walking. In addition, I am not mad that it is still winter. Beneath the cold hard soil are seeds ready to sprout at just the right time. Now is not the right time. I’m at peace because I am aware of this and trusting the process. I am not insisting on what I want, right now.

How many times in your life have you insisted that things look differently, or go another way or demand a different result? And in doing so, how unsettled, frustrated, or angry did you feel? Did that make life easier or harder to deal with? And if you could have a new experience during that time, would you want to? How about freedom or ease or peace instead? Would you choose that? I could be in all of these places right now. I could be beating myself up and getting frustrated and angry. But I choose not to. I choose patience. I choose trust. I choose perfect timing.

Here at The Conversation Boutique, we can help you through those seasons and cycles. Not only can we help you plant the seeds, but we can help you cultivate patience through the winters and help you spring into your new beginnings with ease. We can help you effectively change your conversations. During the winter season or season of transition, you do not need to struggle. You do not need to suffer. And your well used winters could mean a brighter spring. You too can choose a different path.

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