Who do you think you are?

As Entrepreneurs, when we encounter this question, our qualifications are being questioned by someone who is trying to have us think that we're a 'nobody' and we aught to be silent. It's so unfortunate that some of us so quickly lose faith and face at our first encounter with this question, especially if it's coming from someone we love and respect. So let's get it handled.

Who are you that the universe should put it on your mind, heart and soul to get this done?

First, you should know that there is never a task given that you've not previously been made ready for, and isn't necessary for your development. So, if it's on your heart, you're definitely 'the one'. Secondly, your main task is to see yourself as capable enough to step into this new space, after all, it's how the universe sees you. Finally, get moving, now!

I awoke one night with an idea on my mind. It seemed trivial so I called it a nice thought and rolled over. I struggled to fall back to sleep. After tossing and turning for nearly an hour with this, now annoying idea, I sat up and wrote it down on a slip of paper. Wonder of wonders, in a matter of moments I fell fast asleep. I forgot about the idea for a few days. I was tidying up and there was the slip of paper. A few days later, I was making dinner and it wafted into the kitchen on the slightest gust of wind. For that entire week it seemed to be on top of, inside or under everything I touched. Then one day, as I ran out of my apartment, late again, what's stuck to my shoe? You guessed it! I decided to share the idea with a friend and she thought it was a great and I should do something with it. I told her I didn't think I was ready for that. Not six months later my friend and I were looking something up online and there was my idea! Fully formed in reality as someone else's new invention.

This wasn't the first time such a thing had happened to me. Based on the response from many clients, colleagues and friends, this phenomenon is not unique. It's universal. It may not be an idea, but a business partnership, a relationship, a great opportunity for fun or just about anything a heart can desire. It came to you because it's a match for you if you want it.

The wonder of the universe is that if you don't answer the call on your heart, it will be given to another. The universe always has its will fulfilled.

Know that it chose you, but you have to choose it back or it moves on. That's free will for you. It's no accident that it chose you. Don't have this be another story about the one that got away. One client sat on an idea for two years unsure of his ability to do it right. He dismissed the idea when someone else brought a similar product to market. After a few months the idea resurfaced and this time he sought out support to make it a reality. His version has features the other could not and far exceeds anything already in existence. Now he's in the middle of developing a product already valued in the billions. He's finally on board with the view the universe has of him and the floodgates of abundance are open.

It's interesting caveat to the idea of the universe giving an unused idea to someone else is that ONLY you can produce it the way you would. That's what makes you so special.

So the next time you're asked 'Who do you think you are?' Answer: "The chosen one, who being divinely inspired, has accepted this momentary call of duty and am now acting in faith. Any other questions?"

So get moving on that big idea. The universe is waiting for you to do your do as only you can.

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