Meet The Team

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Michelle Lewis

Founding Partner & CEO


Michelle A. Lewis is an International Executive Coach, published author, course writer, artist, wife, and mother of two. With eight years of coaching experience, Michelle expertly utilizes her natural talent for listening and masterfully supports her clients in producing extraordinary results. She serves as Facilitator for The Alternative Board (TAB) and coaches small business owners and CEOs to maximize business performance. Visioning, mindset development, time management, creating budgets, KPI and tracking, company culture, and interpersonal relationships are her forté.


Sarine Collins

Partner & CFO


Sarine Collins is an expert in project management, billing and budget management, performance coaching, and logistics. In her professional career, she has built departments, trained and delegated teams to produce hundreds of seminars annually, supervised technology, equipment, and facility maintenance. In addition to managing the physical space, Sarine coached employees on their performance. Being a new mother and wife keeps her motivated to impact the way businesses develop and what that means for the future.