Burned out and running on EMPTY??!

Self-Care Summit: The 24/7 Approach(SPA DAY EDITION!)

Let us take you on a journey into a NEW REALM of Self-Care!

We are hosting an event for caregivers who need to give a little care to themselves. If that's you take a minute and register. If it's someone you know, send them the link. It's an afternoon of a new perspective and how to give a little love deposit into you. No more running on empty.


12:00 PM - 6:00 PM EST

This is no ordinary Self-Care Summit; we are not just going to talk to you about getting a massage, getting a workout in, or a pedicure. This is about creating a new relationship with yourself and what it looks like to really TAKE CARE of yourself.

Reconsider how you pursue your everyday tasks and satisfy your basic needs! At the event, we will take some time not only to look at the actions we take around self-care, but also the inner work required for lasting impact.

Expand and redefine your relationship to self-care, and gain awareness of the support and resources available to you. You will leave with not only a personal self-care system but an unapologetic attitude about taking care of yourself. Love yourself as The Creator intended, it's deeper than a Spa Day!​